DN Single Hydraulic Prop


DN inner injection single hydraulic prop for the internal structure of the mine for the fluid hydraulic prop, mainly consist by the roof, ventilation valve, cylinder, live cylinder, piston, hand pump, unloading valves, safety valves and handles body and other component parts.

DN inner injection single hydraulic prop plays a big role in the mine roadway support, get the acceptance and use of country's major coal mines customers , it is simple, easy to use, without liquid injection, the direct use hand crank to complete hydraulic prop lift column and drop column

Application Scope

DN inner injection single hydraulic prop could be applied for coal mining face of the roof support and the end plate supporting the head, because of its large carrying capacity, anti-bias load capacity, large working stroke, using a wide range, so it can be used in thin coal seam, thick coal seam or over thick coal seam.

Working Principle

DN inner injection single hydraulic prop The working fluid is the 5th hydraulic oil, back to the column when the hydraulic oil flow back into the cylinder plunger cavity to form a closed loop; does not require pumping and piping systems, auxiliary equipment, low cost; mains and pumping stations in the absence of local still use, flexibility, easy management and simple; since the working fluid is a closed loop, prop prop hydraulic oil flowing back when the plunger cavity pillar itself to achieve closed loop hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil consumes very little; pillar hydraulic system for the closed system, hydraulic oil does not spill, do not pollute the environment, environmental protection, and face the production of small, well maintained face environment, better working conditions; pillar valve is fully installed in the pillar cavity , the possibility of contamination by outside the small, high reliability.


DN31-160/90single hydraulic prop

DN28-200/90inner injection hydraulic prop ,

DN25-250/90 single hydraulic prop,

DN(06,08,10,12,14,16,18)-250/80inner injection hydraulic prop ect.